Zombieland: Double tap

Client: Warner Bros
Category: Social Media

A post-apocalyptic posting plan.


Ok so let’s imagine that a zombie unexpectedly appeared next to you, what would your weapon of choice be before running for the hills? We asked our users to imagine they found themselves in this situation and to let us know what their nearest weapon of choice would be through the Instagram Q&A format. We displayed the most hilarious responses ad hoc for each user, posting them on the page’s official stories and tagging the users that inspired the stories.


As Double Tap is the film’s subtitle, we simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to create social media content inspired by it! Through the classic story interaction format we triggered a gaming dynamic where, in order to survive, the user had to double tap and skip the story to avoid a zombie attack. We rescued the users from a lot of finger bites!


Between the first and second Zombieland all the main actors were nominated for an Oscar (Emma Stone even won one): a lot of things can change in ten years. With this light static selection of content we can play with the titles of their most famous films, zombitizing them as appropriate.

Ps. This section does not apply to Bill Murray.
Bill Murray is fantastic as always. 


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